Legal document: T-S 13J8.1

Legal document T-S 13J8.1



Court record concerning a grain dealer who promises to pay his former wife 4 dirhams every week for his five-year-old son, who was staying with her. The document further stipulates the boy visit the father on a Sabbath or a weekday, whenever he (the father) wished. In return, the divorcée acknowledges having received from her husband all that is due to her and agrees not to give him a bad name, nor sue him before a Muslim court or state authority. In case of default, she would be banned or excommunicated. Payments were to be made to a third person in Cairo, specified in the document. September, 1052. (S. D. Goitein, Mediterranean Society, 1:152, 438; 3:334-5, 502) EMS

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S. D. Goitein, unpublished editions.
  1. בתרין בשבה כד בתשרי שסד חצר בבית דין ר יוסף בן ר צדקה
  2. אלפאמי ומטלקתה גניה בת ר חסן ואקנינא מנה לרצונו ותאותו
  3. בלא אונס אן ידפע אלי ר סלאמה אלזיאת באלקאהרה ארבעה
  4. דראהם פי כל אסבוע תוצרף פי מוונה אברהים ולדה אלדי
  5. עמרה אלאן כמסה סנין ואן יכון מקאם אברהים הדא
  6. ענד גניה ואלדתה ואדא אחב יוסף דנן אן יסתזירה סבת
  7. או חול אכדה בחית יעידה אליהא ואקנינא מן גניה
  8. דא בעד אן תערפנאהא באלבראה אלתאמה לר יוסף דנן
  9. מן כתובתה ומכל דר ומר ואנה לא תענתה ולא תטאלבה
  10. במשפטי הגוים ולא תערצה אלי שלטון וביננא להא
  11. אנהא אן תעדת עליה אחרמת באסמהא ואפרזת
  12. ואבטלא גמיעא כל מודע וכתבנא דליהוי לזכו (ביד אחרת:) צדקה בר מנחם ננ


Oded Zinger, "Jewish Women in Muslim Legal Venues," in Language, Gender and Law in the Judaeo-Islamic Milieu (Leiden ; Boston: Brill, 2020), 38-87.


  1. On Monday, 24 Tishrei (1)364 AG (= 21 September 1052 CE), R. Joseph b. R. Ṣedaqa 

  2. the keeper of a grain store and his divorcee Gh[aniyya] bt. R. Ḥasan came before the court. We made the symbolic purchase from him according to his will and desire 

  3. without coercion that he will pay four dirhams every week to R. Salāma the seller of olive oil in Cairo 

  4. to be spent on the maintenance of his son Ibrahīm whose 

  5. age is now five years. This Ibrahīm will stay 

  6. with his mother, Ghaniyya. If Joseph would like to visit him on Saturday or 

  7. during the week, he (i.e. Joseph) will take him (i.e. Ibrahīm) on the condition that he will return him to her. 

  8. After we verified her identity, we made the symbolic purchase from Ghaniyya for a complete release of R. Joseph 

  9. from her ketubah and from any suspicion and claim. She will not harass him, nor sue him 

  10. in Muslim courts, nor bring him before the government. We made it clear to her 

  11. that if she were to break (this agreement) she will be banned with her name and ostracised. 

  12. Then both of them cancelled any prior notification. We have written (this) so it will be (a testimony) of right. 

  13. Ṣedaqa b. Menaḥem, m(ay his) s(oul rest in peace). 


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