Letter: ENA 3099.6

Letter ENA 3099.6


Family/business letter in Judaeo-Arabic. Rudimentary hand and spellings. Opens with discussing various transactions and orders, including for a kind of sugar (sukkar murammal), myrtle (marsīn), gallnut (ʿafṣ), starch (kathīrāʾ), and cotton seed (? bizr quṭna). On the second page mentions Bū l-Fatḥ al-Ḥalabī. Umm [...]; her brother; "not her brother and not her cousin"; "everyone who comes up from the people of Ṣanāfīr" (a town near Qalyūb); "tell him that there is no building(?) between me and her and no return to it/her, and she has no claim against me, and there is no peace between us." Continues in this vein complaining about this woman and how "everyone is laughing at us" (al-ālam yaḍḥakū ʿalaynā); asks the addressee to send Umm Surūr; mentions going to the nāʾib of Ṣanāfīr; and refers to a mount missing an ear and a tail (maṭiyyatī maqṭūʿat al-udhn maslūbat al-dhanb).

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