State document: ENA NS 13.15

State document ENA NS 13.15


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Verso (original use): Petition in Arabic script in a chancery hand. Fragment from the middle of the document. Refers to the well-known Jewish leader [Daniel b.] ʿAzarya al-Dāʾūdī (second half of the 11th century) and to the addressee's benefactions in the administration of the Fatimid state: "...wa-bi-sāʾir aʿmāl al-dawla al-Nabawiyya wa-tummimat al-niʿma ʿa[lā ...]... al-ṭāhir...." Then asks for a mighty decree confirming the continued benefaction of registering something (bi-manshūr muʿaẓẓam muqirr bi-dawām niʿmat ithbātih) in the Majlis al-Ḥimāya and at least one other majlis. Rustow has translated ḥimāya in another context as "law enforcement" in Lost Archive p. 209, and Bauden notes that the term can refer to a tax of circulation on the Nile ("Le Transport de Marchandises et de Personnes sur le Nil," p. 125 note 117). See also Claude Cahen, “Notes pour l’histoire de la ḥimāya" (1956) and Jürgen Paul, "Ḥimāya Revisited" (2020) ( See also T-S Misc.8.67 for a similar-looking Arabic-script document involving Daniel b. ʿAzarya (but not a join). On the other side there is a Judaeo-Arabic letter by the same scribe who wrote T-S K25.244 (and several others), known to have been an ardent supporter of Daniel b. ʿAzarya (so it is probably related).

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Marina Rustow, Alan Elbaum and Yusuf Umrethwala, unpublished editions (n.p., 2023).
  1. ] صنعت به عليهم على [دانيال بن
  2. عزريا الداودي في[ ]ته عليهم [
  3. وبسائر اعمال الدولة النبوية وتممت النعمة عـ[ـليهم
  4. بمنشور معظم مقر بدوام نعمة اثباته في مجالس الحماية والـ[
  5. الطاهر[ ]ـهم بلطف الحضرة المـ[


Yusuf Umrethwala, PGP Translations (n.p., 2023).

1. which was made against them on [Daniel b.

2. Azarya al-Dāwūdī in [ ] on them [

3. and through all the enclosures of the Prophetic dynasty and benefaction be extended upon [them

4. through a noble decree issued with steadfast benefaction registered in the council of protection and [

5. pure [ ] through the grace of his eminence [

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