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Letter ENA 2727.26

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Letter from Makārim b. Faḍā'il, probably in Qūṣ, to Hibat Allāh (at least a mawlā of this name is respectfully greeted at the end), presumably in Fustat. The scribe is Mufaḍḍal b. Abū Saʿd. In Judaeo-Arabic. The writer asks the addressee to inform a woman (the female pronouns likely refer to an actual woman rather than being signs of respect to al-ḥaḍra like earlier in the same letter, because here they are not referring to the addressee) that he has sent her 120 dirhams with his neighbor Abū Saʿīd the Qaraite, and he is anxious to know if they have arrived. He wants her to travel to Qūṣ because he wishes to see her.

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