Letter: ENA NS 38.11

Letter ENA NS 38.11



Letter fragment "in the handwriting of Natan ha-Kohen b. Mevorakh (the grandson), written in his name and that of Yeshuʿa b. Yefet; his son Mevorakh is a signatory thereto as well; their ‘alāma: yeshaʿ rav (‘a great salvation’ like that of the Gaon Shelomo b. Yehuda). Yeshuʿa ‘the excellent (haver), the judge’ b. Yefet was also one of the scholars in Ascalon at the beginning of the twelfth century, and it seems that he was a partner of the Natan ha-Kohen family in managing the affairs of the Ascalon community (see: 588, upper margin, line 7; 589, upper margin, line 6)." Gil, History of Palestine, 199, note 73. Ṣedaqa ha-Zaqen is also mentioned here.

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