Letter: ENA NS 35.4

Letter ENA NS 35.4



Late family letter in Judaeo-Arabic from Khuḍayr to his brother-in-law in the Fayyūm. Possibly the same handwriting as ENA NS 35.2. The writer has been sick and bedbound for 15 days, but now he is better. He inquires about business matters: if the money has been sent, if all of it was spent on flax, whether flax is cheap or expensive, whether the addressee has any requests from the neighborhood. Mentions ʿAbd al-Wāḥid al-Zayyāt, who says no one brought him anything. The writer asks for money and wool and eggs and olives. Umm Qamar says to send her the flax belonging to her. The letter has several interesting colloquial forms such as ונכאן for وإن كان and the modern ולאלא for "or not." ASE.

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