Letter: ENA NS 35.2

Letter ENA NS 35.2



Late family letter in Judaeo-Arabic, it seems from a man to his brother Shemuel (or less likely his father, if the letter is read as a ב). Alexandria is mentioned in the first line. The addressee is to tell something confidential to Sari (?) Muḥammad—not to Malīḥ, not to Wuḥaysh, not to his brother. Then: "Be a man and take care of your siblings." If the addressee wants money, he can get two dinars from uncle (ʿammī) Sulaymān, or from Ṣāliḥ. The writer is sending the addressee 20 muayyadis with Reuven. Possibly the same handwriting as ENA NS 35.4. ASE.

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