Letter: ENA NS 31.24

Letter ENA NS 31.24



Letter from the community of Jerusalem to the gabbay and treasurer of כארכוך (=Kirkuk?). In Hebrew. Dated: Adar 5603 AM, which is 1843 CE. This is a letter on behalf of the envoy (shaliaḥ) Yaʿaqov Aharon Cur[i]el. "The writers reproach the local leaders of Karkukh for not giving any money to their envoy (שלוחא דרבנן), whose name is written there in big letters — Ya’akov Aharon Koral — who came to the city to collect money for Jerusalem three months ago and was left empty handed. They accuse them of neglecting the holy city, against the tradition, and of not keeping their promises." Information from https://medium.com/@judaicadh/talking-the-talk-pretty-signatures-4e2f861cc4b4.

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