Letter: ENA NS 29.30

Letter ENA NS 29.30



Letter from Shemuel b. Sīd. In Hebrew. Dating: 1600–35 CE, based on Avraham David's assessment. It is unclear whether Shemuel wrote this letter while still living in Egypt or when living in Jerusalem (as he did from the 1620s until his death in 1635); David leans to the latter option, based on the reference to the 'donation for Jerusalem.' Shemuel provides a recommendation for a teacher named Ḥayyim who is in need. He also asks the addressee to send him a donation of 50 grossos (? גורושוש) 'for Jerusalem,' for he has a debt of this amount. He also asks to be sent the money from "the sale of the knives, for it is not hidden from you that the period has arrived of dispersing (funds) more than fifths." (Information from FGP.)

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