Legal document: ENA NS 29.19

Legal document ENA NS 29.19



Legal document. In Hebrew. Location: Fustat/Cairo. Dated: End of Sivan, 5578 AM, which is 1818 CE. Apprentice contract for Avraham Puerte(?), the student, and Yehuda Bonan, the teacher. Avraham will study the trade of sarraflik (money changing) from Yehuda for a period of 24 months. He will learn "how to count money as is customary here, every 1000 medins in one paper." For the first year, the weekly wage will be 40 medins. For the second year, the weekly wage will be 60 medins. The fine for violating the contract is 100 esedi gurush to be paid to the other party. Witnesses: There is a single elaborate signature, difficult to read. It looks very much like the signature in ENA NS 29.20 from ~20 years earlier.

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