Letter: ENA 3910.8 + T-S Ar.42.198

Letter ENA 3910.8 + T-S Ar.42.198


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Letter from al-Mufarrij b. al-Ḥusayn to his father Ismāʿīl(?). In part concerning a deposit (wadāʿa, line 8). Mentions travel to Damascus (ll. 10–11) and the danger of the roads (l. 13). The vast majority of this long letter consists of greetings. Many of the names are prefaced with the honorific "al-ḥājib," which, together with the hand and typical idioms, dates the letter to the Mamluk period. The people include: Sahl; Abū l-Khayr ʿUmar b. Khamīs(?); al-ṣabiyya wa-dāyatihā wa-bint dāyatihā wa-zawj bint dāyatihā; Thābit b. Nizār al-Bazzāz; Ibn Abū Saʿīd. He asks his father to look after the ṣabiyya (wa-lā taqṭaʿūnahā min birrikum wa-min al-masʾala ʿanhā fa-mā baqiya lī ʿindakum ghayruhā wa-law kānat ṭalaʿat al-maʿīsha...). Mentions Abū l-Thanāʾ al-Tājir al-Baghdādī, and many more people on verso. Needs further examination. Join: Alan Elbaum

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