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Letters in Judaeo-Arabic, probably copies of letters sent in the name of Avraham Maimonides. There are at least two letters sharing the same folio. Only the ending of the first one is preserved, and it helpfully ends with the date (Adar II 1535 Seleucid, which is 1224 CE), and "Avraham wrote this." The next one begins with the motto "hineh el yeshuʿati" (also used elsewhere by Avraham Maimonides). The letter is addressed to the congregation of Ashmūm and at their head, R. Moshe ha-L[evi]. It addresses the problem that there is no muqaddam in Ashmūm to oversee marriages and divorces, and as such, the people have been going to the Muslim courts. They are informed that this is wrong and that they should stop doing it. R. Moshe b. Peraḥya ha-Dayyan is mentioned. The text on verso seems to be a continuation, because it continues to discuss Ashmūm and brings in a certain R. Yehuda and Minyat Zifta. Needs examination.

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