Letter: ENA 2122.11

Letter ENA 2122.11



Letter from a certain Yūsuf. In Judaeo-Arabic. Rudimentary script and spelling. The letter may describe the violent disciplining of a girl, and the writer says it is all the addressee's fault. There is some sort of dispute involving the house that is located in darb silsilat al-ṣulṭāniyya, its original door, Ibn al-Raṣṣāṣ, and 600 dirhams. The continuation on verso is rather faded but includes the line, "I am oppressed." In a diffferent hand and ink, there is a note mentioning baskets containing materia medica (or materials for a drug shop, ḥawā'ij ʿiṭr). ASE.

ENA 2122.11 recto




ENA 2122.11 verso

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