Legal document: ENA 4100.15

Legal document ENA 4100.15

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Large legal document, a quittance. It is given by Muna bt. Hiba, the widow of Moshe ha-Kohen, (line 8) to Abū l-Khayr ha-ger (the proselyte) (line 4 from bottom). It concerns Moshe ha-Kohen's will (line 9), which can be found in T-S 8J21.14 + T-S 8J8.12 (PGPID 7679) and which discuses all the above mentioned individuals. Identified by Rivlin, Inheritance and Wills, p. 339. Faded. Unfinished and unsigned. On verso there is more writing in Hebrew script in a different hand, even more faded.

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