Legal document: ENA 2557.148

Legal document ENA 2557.148

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Legal document. Location: Fustat. Dated: Monday, 18 Kislev 1390 Seleucid = 26 November 1078 CE. Ghālib b. Avraham comes before the court with a power of attorney from Yehuda b. Meshullam b. Zekharya ha-Sofer b. ʿAnan and from Yehuda's paternal aunt Ghāliya bt. Zekharya ha-sofer b. ʿAnan, concerning the estate of the late Avraham ha-Melammed ha-Levi b. Yosef b. ʿAnan (but probably no relation, because Avraham is a Levi and Yehuda is not called ha-Levi). Some the following details are faded and difficult to read. Mentions an outstanding sum of 41 dinars + 1/4 + 1/6 + one ḥabba, which had been deposited by the court with ʿEli b. Efrayim al-Tinnīsī. On verso there is a Hebrew prayer.