Legal document: ENA NS 46.1

Legal document ENA NS 46.1


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Legal document. In Judaeo-Arabic with occasional Hebrew or Aramaic phrases. Dating: Unknown. Location: Yemen, probably, based on the handwriting and dialect words and names of the protagonists. The document concerns Yaḥyā b. Yehuda al-Ẓefira, his brother Saʿīd b. Yehuda, and Saʿīd b. Dā'ūd al-Abhar, who all jointly own and live together in one house. This is a reconciliation agreement in which each housemate promises not to use the common spaces without the permission of the others. In particular: "No one shall leave his donkey or any beast in the passageway except when tying or loading it. . . . Likewise, the outhouse. No one shall tolerate his own filth (translation slightly uncertain) and leave it exposed, but only use the hole in the outhouse." ASE.