Legal document: ENA 4100.18

Legal document ENA 4100.18



Bill of sale for a female slave named חלל (Ḥalal? Ḥulal? In fact there is a vowel above the letter in the document, but it is not immediately clear whether a fatḥa or a ḍamma is indicated). Yosef ha-Kohen pays [..]ta bt. Shemuel either 23 or 26 dinars. Yosef may be identical with Abū l-Makārim. The buyer is Abū l-Makārim, who is purchasing the female slave for his sister (karīma), and the seller is Abū Saʿd al-Ṣayrafī. It is not clear how Abū Saʿd is related to the daughter of Shemuel. Abū Saʿd guarantees (ḍāmin) to the sister of Abū l-Makārim דרך אלחל of the female slave (whatever this means; as in T-S 8J8.4). The document seems to conclude with a provision that Abū Saʿd will reimburse the full price of the female slave to the sister of Abū l-Makārim in certain scenarios (אן יקים להא בתמן הדה אלגאריה . . . מתי . . . מן יעתרפהא או ירמי מלכייתהא ויסתכרגהא מן יד כרימה אלשיך אבו אלמכארם). The document is incomplete, and there are no signatures. Verso: Probably an archival note in Arabic script describing the contents of the document: يذكر فيها انه ضمن درك زوجته والصهر مسلم الى يده جامع عن حق السوق وجعل الدلالة. The buyer and seller may in fact be in-laws, e.g., maybe the sister of Abū l-Makārim is actually the wife of Abū Saʿd al-Ṣayrafī. Needs further examination. ASE.

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