Legal document: ENA NS 17.24

Legal document ENA NS 17.24


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Marriage document. Karaite deed of betrothal of Amat al-Waḥid אמה אלואחד daughter of Ḥalfon and Ḥaifon ha-Levi ben Daniel b. Bundār. Early 11th century, Cairo [?] (data from Olszowy-chlanger Judith. Karaite Marriage Documents from the Cairo Geniza, 1998, p. 308. Musafir b. Yitsḥak מסאפר ב. יצחק and Shiloh b. Yoseph שלה ב. יוסף testified that she is not coerced and free in her mind. Hillel was probably her marriage agent. Hebrew. AA Dating: 11th century

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