Legal document: ENA 4009.16

Legal document ENA 4009.16


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Legal document. A torn deathbed declaration. The will is by a woman, for the terms used are צואתה אשר ציותה קודם מיתותה. Shemuʾel HaKohen and his brother Avraham are mentioned at the top of the deed. Also mentioned is 'Azarya haLaḥ... עזריה הלח[...] According to FGP, the deed is dated 1078 CE, but only the number לט (39) from the year of creation is visible. Interestingly, the document cites another bill from the year [4]734 [= 973], so it is possible that the actual date of the main deathbed declaration is from the 978 CE. However, the paper and the hand do not appear to be from the 10th century. AA

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