Legal document: ENA 2558.22

Legal document ENA 2558.22



Legal/communal declaration. Location: Minyat Zifta Jawād. Dated: Middle third of Shevaṭ 1554 = January 1243 CE. The people making the declaration (whose names, probably originally written at the bottom, have been torn away) support the judge al-Shaykh al-Makīn Yosef b. Moshe (b. Peraḥya Ibn Yiju?) the judge in assuming the position of his father as muqaddam of the community after the latter's death. "Whereas we have known [him]... and he grew up among us...." The community has already written to him "singly and collectively" asking him to return and take the leadership. Their testimony is meant to counter those opposing the appointment (though the opponents may simply be hypothetical). They "kiss the ground" before the addressee and ask him to send Yosef b. Moshe (imḍāʾ ḥālih wa-khurūjih ilaynā) to lead them and engage in "enjoining good and forbidding wrong as the Law dictates" (al-amr bi-l-maʿrūf wa-l-nahy ʿan al-munkar ʿalā mā tūjibu al-sharīʿā).