Legal document: ENA 2727.13b

Legal document ENA 2727.13b



Two or three different documents stuck together. (1) Ketubba. Only a few words from near the beginning are preserved. (2) Draft of a legal document concerning the estate of the late Rūma bt. [Bin]yām b. Aharon ha-Kohen died. Her possessions are to be given to her son according to certain conditions. (He might still be a minor, and other people are specified to look after money.) Mentions the names [...] b. Salāma Ibn Rūḥīrjān (the same family name appears in T-S 24.76) and Khalaf. (3) Possibly accounts of the Qodesh. Same hand as the note about Rūma's property. Refers to the rent of various people in different dwellings; the patrolmen (al-rajjāla) on [...] Shabbat; the ground rent (ḥikr) payment which is somehow connected to Nārūz (the Coptic New Year); a raqqāṣ possibly named ʿIwāḍ.

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