Legal document: ENA 2560.1

Legal document ENA 2560.1



Ketubba. Dated: 12 Ni[san] 1571 Seleucid, which is 1260 CE, under the authority of David I Maimonides. This was not the first marriage of the bride. The husband name was Yaaqov and the delayed marriage gift was 7 dinars. The earnings of the bride is exchanged for her cover, and there is a immersion condition. There is a trustworthiness clause and also a condition regarding the children of the husband from a previous marriage - probably they will be living in their home until they marry. The hand is almost certainly that of ʿImmanuel b. Yeḥiel. Another interesting feature is that the ketubba is not signed and then someone attached a piece of parchment with two signatures: Elʿazar b. Shelomo ha-Levi and Avraham b. Seʿadya.