Paraliterary text: ENA NS 19.15

Paraliterary text ENA NS 19.15


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Bifolium. Two of the pages contain rhyming and/or poetic Hebrew text, calligraphically written. Apparently the colophon to the book this used to belong to. It praises the man who composed the work for illuminating difficulties. Then gives the scribe's name: Yiṣḥaq b. Avraham (b. Me'ir b. ʿEzra?). Location: Baghdad. Dated: 1454 Seleucid, which is 1143/44 CE. Mentions Rabbi Netan'el "who from his mouth will read it, and he understands, and he writes it in his books" (?). On the facing page, in a different hand, and in Judaeo-Arabic, there is a recipe for good ink and a recipe for gilded līqa (the tuft of threads that lives in the inkwell). ASE. Go back to this*

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