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List of Ottoman sultans (אלה שמות מלכי האוסמאנלסים אשר מלכו עד היום). In Hebrew and western Arabic numerals. There is a comment after Sulaymān II stating that his mother (Aşub Sultan, born Christian) was from "the seed of Amaleq." The last sultan listed (#28) is Abdul Hamid I (אמת), who came to power in the year 1187 AH (1774 CE) and ruled 16 years. His successor Selim III does not appear on the list, suggesting that the document can be dated to ca. 1789 CE. It ends with an unexpectedly messianic message, punning on the Hebrew spelling of the name Hamid (אמת, which read as a Hebrew word means "truth"): על כן אמרתי אמת ליעקב כי אם ישראל . . . ויגל יעקב וישמח ישראל כירא . . . אמת דת אלהים משיח תראה אכיר. This is part of a larger book in Hebrew containing prayers, poems, and other literary texts. At least one of the headers is partially in Ladino. Join: Alan Elbaum.

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