State document: ENA 1822a.60

State document ENA 1822a.60



Petition in Arabic script from a physician employed in the hospital in Cairo who had received orders to the effect that his pay would be cut (?), even though he hardly earns five dinars per month. He asks for the benefaction and kindness of a decree to the effect that (there the petition is cut off). The formulary is Fatimid but suggests the 12th century rather than the 11th. Reused for a private petition in Arabic and Hebrew script from and/or two a woman.

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Marina Rustow, unpublished editions.


  1. وانه من جملة الطب المستخدم بالبيمارستان بالقاهرة المحروسة يجاز هذا …..

  2.  ....لا يفوز باوده وانه كان حصل له من المجلس العالي خلد الله سلطانه مواعد حمله

  3. صادقته ويقر بها بقدومي خسر وهو ان يكمل له في كل {الـ} شهر خمس دنانير والمملوك

  4. يجدد تقبيل الارض ويسل في الانعام عليه والاحسان اليه بخروج التوقيع العالي زاده الله نفاذا



Yusuf Umrethwala, PGP Translations (n.p., 2023).
  1. And he is among the physicians in the hospitals of Cairo that this is approved...
  2. ...He does not make enough to survive, and he has obtained from his eminence, may God perpetuate its authority, the dates of his carrying
  3. are approved. He acknowledges it and affirms it by his arrival that he is incurring losses. That is to grant him every month five dinars, and the slave
  4. renews kissing the ground and asks for benefactions and kindness towards him with the issuance of the noble decree, may God increase its efficacy

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