Legal document: ENA 2738.16

Legal document ENA 2738.16

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Recto: Legal deed in Judaeo-Arabic about a partnership in a perfume/drug shop. Fragment (upper right corner). Location: Fustat. Dated: Probably [15]22 Seleucid = 1210/11 CE (if the Yaʿaqov b. ʿAmram on verso is the same who signed Bodl. MS heb. d 75/10; the other possibility is 1422 = 1110/11). The document concerns two men whose names contain the following components: Abū ʿImrān Moshe ha-Talmid ha-Kohen, Sheʾerit ha-Kohen, [...] b. Abū Naṣr Elʿazar ha-K[ohen], and Khalaf. They previously had a partnership in a perfume/drug shop and then ended the partnership. This document specifies the amounts of money still owed by one to the other (over 800 dirhams). Verso: After the document on recto was torn, a later legal record was added to the effect that Abū ʿImrān b. Abū l-Bahāʾ received the money that was owed to him by Khalaf the cantor: 485.75 dirhams. Someone is in Sūq al-Ghazal (the Yarn Market) in a silk shop. "And these are the dirhams... in his ledger (daftar) in my handwriting." Somone also received 7.5 dirhams' worth of silk. Signed: Yaʿaqov b. ʿAmram. Shela b. Seʿadya.

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