Letter: ENA NS 40.29

Letter ENA NS 40.29



Letter addressed to Farajallāh the cantor. In Judaeo-Arabic. Dating: Probably ca. 14th century. Bears a motto at the top usually seen in the documents of the latter day Maimonideses, e.g., Yehoshua Maimonides. But the handwriting is not that of the clerk of Yehoshua Maimonides. The addressee is to inform Surūr al-Iskandarānī al-Kohen and his son that the two mandīls that the cantor sent from Alexandria have received an offer of 40 dirhams. If they wish to sell them, they should make a declaration before witnesses. If not, they must report immediately to the court. The matter is urgent, because "[fines?] are heavy upon us" concerning "the house of Moshe Rabbenu" (the shrine at Dammūh?). "The remainder of the 4 dinars" is mentioned in the margin.

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