Letter: ENA NS 38.9

Letter ENA NS 38.9


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Letter from a parent, unknown location, to a son, in Fustat/Cairo. In Ladino. The writer tells the son to write more often, which should not be so difficult for him because people arrive in his or her location every day from Fustat/Cairo (Miẓrayim). The writer asks if he received the 10 reals that she sent him with Yehuda Canbiador (קאנבייאדור, the money changer). The writer mentions the daughters of their baʿal ha-bayit (לאש מוגאגאש די מי בעל הבית)—perhaps meaning her husband, but this is not completely clear. The writer lists various items that he or she has sent to the son and how much they cost (in muayyadis). ASE.

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