Legal document: ENA 2715.23

Legal document ENA 2715.23



Court register. Recto: Partnership agreement, probably for the tax farming of silk dyeing, for a period of nine months. One of the partners is named Ḥalfon and one may be [Ibn] al-Ṭawwāf. Specifies locations such as Aṭfīḥ and [...] al-Sharqiyya. The period begins in Adar I 1445 Seleucid = Rabīʿ I 528 AH = January/February 1134 CE. Involves a sum of 100 dinars, 50 dinars for each partner. Verso: Probably too faded to read, but mentions a ketubba and the city of Minyat al-Qāʾid. Maybe a prenuptial agreement, or the settlement of a marital dispute.

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