Letter: ENA NS 11.6

Letter ENA NS 11.6


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Fragment of a letter in Arabic script. 4 lines preserved, with the continuation written at an angle in the margin. Some phrases: ...فضلا عما . . . اه اذ كان جميع ال . . . . . . . فالله تعالى ذكره يطالب كل من يحكي المحال فيذكر ملائمه وبيده الافعال والكتب الذي امتلكت الاوسية وصنعت آخر(؟) غلا[ته؟] بجملة مال. "...may God the exalted punish anyone who speaks the impossible and describes its attributes(?). He has the operations(?) and the documents which the estate/domain (al-ūsiya) possessed and its cro[ps?] produced, a lot of money..." These readings are tentative. In the margin, mentions wheat and barley and someone's name. On recto there is a faded biblical-sounding Hebrew text.

ENA NS 11.6 recto




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