State document: ENA 3979.3

State document ENA 3979.3


Fiscal document/receipt in Arabic script Dated: 5 Muḥarram 735 AH = 5 September 1334 CE. For the capitation taxes of the Jews in Damascus(!?) (bi-l-Shām al-Maḥrūs). Reads roughly as follows: وصل الى بيت المال المعمور خامس المحرم سنة خمسة وثلاثين وسبعمائة واقام به ابو سعد اليهودي ابي(؟) سليمان من جوالي اليهود بالشام(؟) المحروس. Underneath there are notations presumably of the sum of money received. Upside down at the bottom there is what looks like an ʿalāma and a draft of the same text (waṣala ilā bayt al-māl...). On recto there is also a list of names in both Judaeo-Arabic and Arabic script, accompanied by sums of money (e.g., fils), potentially related to verso, e.g. if these are the Jews whose capitation taxes are being documented. ASE

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