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State document ENA 3979.1


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Legal document in Arabic script. Dated: Rabīʿ II 952 AH = June/July 1545 CE. Deed of acknowledgment made by Ḥammād b. Mubārak b. Ḥayyāra(?). He acknowledges receipt of something (... qabḍ sharʿī...), maybe the price of something or someone he sold (... ibtāʿahā...). On verso there are three Hebrew jottings, the first is a stylized signature (Avraham [...]?), the second is a stamped seal probably with a name in it, and the third is a date (Monday, 5 Rabīʿ I 952 or maybe 955). At the lower right margin of recto, there is an addendum in Arabic script stating that the "aforementioned" female slave has a "defect" (ʿayb), namely a missing toe — thus the sale in the main document is probably of a female slave (and the word "raqīq" may in fact appear in l. 1). This has been recorded in the "sijill of the court." This note is dated 19 Rabīʿ II of the same year. At the top of recto, there is a circular red stamp that seems to read "al-sulṭān al-Malik al-Muẓaffar"; this is puzzling, as it would suggest a Mamluk-era date. Needs further examination. ASE

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