State document: ENA 3965.9

State document ENA 3965.9

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State document(s) in Arabic script. Fiscal accounts? Petition with rescript? The lines do not seem to be regular enough for a petition, though it has the petition-like phrase "iḥsānuhu ʿalayhi" in r4. At the bottom of recto, there is a date and ḥasbala and ṣalwala. On verso, references to sums of money, including the total of the 'jārī' (salary of a government employee, see Halper 395v, Bodl. MS heb. f 22/39v, and Med Soc II, p. 358 notes 14 and 15) in this case for Muḥammad b. ʿAsākir al-Ḥayfī(?); further down mentions al-tawqīʿ al-muʿaẓẓam ("the mighty rescript"). Needs further examination.

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