Letter: ENA 3965.14

Letter ENA 3965.14


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Letter in Arabic script. Fragment (the lower part is missing, and the right margin may be missing if it existed); the letter continues in the upper margin of recto. Uneven hand, faded ink, and some creases. Begins with a basmala and cursory blessings (yā mawlāy juʿiltu fidāka min kull suʾ aw min kull [...]). Then accusations: "What is this cruelty and neglect of your own family?!" The sender goes on to complain about distress and lack of wheat. He seems to be complaining about not receiving adequate sustenance even as the addressee is spending handsomely on other material causes and charity.

ENA 3965.14 recto




ENA 3965.14 verso

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