State document: ENA 3954.7

State document ENA 3954.7



Fragment of a letter about government business. In Arabic script. ". . . if he has it done by the jahbadh of the arsenal (al-ṣināʿa), that would be better for him, but your opinion is the most excellent. And Ibn Bū l-Ghanāʾim—I asked him to bring the report(?) for the Dīwān al-Mufrad and to come himself as well, so that we can reach an agreement over the deed of his ḍamān which. . . . that he made for your highness a memorandum (tadhkira) for the delayed taʿrīfs. . . out of fear that Ibn Bū l-Ghanāʾim will be audited or anything else. And you will not find any knowledge of this with him(?), also, they will be submitted(?) without signatures (khuṭūṭ). As for the market of the [...], when it was brought to his attention, there is no doubt that he supplied it to the Dīwān al-Hilālī, the documents (awrāq) of the treasury (bayt al-māl). . . ." ASE

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Alan Elbaum, [digital geniza document edition].


  1. فلو قام بذلك على يد جهبذ الصناعة لكان اصلح له ورايها الموفق

  2. وبن بو الغنائم فقد سالته احضار التحرير المختص بالديوان المفرد

  3. وحضوره ايضا اتفق معه على حجة ضمانه التي كان

  4. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . علـ . . . . . . وهولا يحـ . . . 



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  1. [        ] . . . ي . . . [                               ]

  2. انه قد عمل لساميها تذكرة بالمتاخر من تعريفات [. . .]

  3. خوفا من ان يتفق عمل محاسبة لابن بو الغنائم وغير ذلك فلا

  4. تجد علم شي منه ثم انها ترفع بغير خطوط واما

  5. ما يخص سوق السلويين فلما نبه عليه لا شك اورده ديوان

  6. الهلالي اوراق بيت المال

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