State document: ENA 3939.6

State document ENA 3939.6


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Recto: Report fragment, 7 lines. The sender mentions a group of people who came before him and pledged their allegiance (...ʿindī mudhʿinīn muslimīn ilayya qāʾimīn bi-l-khidma fī dhālika...). Later, "after they departed," a group of infantry and cavalry came before him (...dakhala ilayya jamāʿa min al-mutarajjila wa-l-khayl...) and said, "Our master, we heard that so-and-so and so-and-so came before you and told you the opposite of what was agreed upon in the majlis" (haḍarū bi-haḍratak wa-takallamū bi-khilāf mā istaqarra fī l-majlis bi-l-asr(?)), and they didn't realize it until it was nearly too late (...mā ʿalimnā bihi ḥattā tamḍī al-sāʿa...). Verso: Financial record—a receipt for a certain Mufaḍḍal. Possibly with eastern Arabic numerals (but these are not used in the classical Geniza period) and possibly with a dāl abbreviation for dīnār or dirham.

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