Letter: ENA 3936.5

Letter ENA 3936.5


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Letter in Arabic script. Begins with a basmala and taqbīl. Addressed to a certain Muḥammad called Samiyy al-Dawla Jamāl al-[...] (an amīr titled Samiyy al-Dawla also appears in a legal document: T-S Misc. 22.280 dated 4th Shaʿban 438 H/3rd February 1047, ed. Khan, ALAD, no. 55). The sender refers to his emotional state (wa-baqiya qalb al-mamlūk....; another possible reading is wa-yashfī qalb al-mamlūk). In the margin, the sender expresses his hope that a certain woman is in good health, and everyone under the addressee's care. On verso, refers to "a tremendous headache" and awaiting something. YU. ASE.

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