Letter: ENA 3935.14 + ENA 3935.13

Letter ENA 3935.14 + ENA 3935.13


Left fragment: Letter in Arabic script. Not a chancery hand, but it sounds like a petition or official letter in some ways. Conveys praises and blessings for the addressee and for the caliph and the prophet Muḥammad and ʿAlī b. Abī Ṭālib. Mentions فخر الملك سعد الدولة تاج المع[الى] Fakhr al-Mulk Saʿd al-Dawla Tāj al-Maʿ[ālī]. Dating: mentions the number 491, presumably the year 491 AH = 1097/98 CE. On verso there are tables of Greek/Coptic numerals.

ENA 3935.13 recto




ENA 3935.13 verso

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