Letter: ENA 3918.10

Letter ENA 3918.10



Letter(s) in Arabic script. Recto and verso are probably distinct letters. Dating: Likely 13th century or later. The letter on recto appears to be from a father (al-wālidī) to a son (al-walad al-ʿazīz al-muwaffaq al-saʿīd). Only the opening greetings are preserved. The letter on verso mentions names such as al-Shaykh al-Thiqa Abū l-Bishr and Mūsā. There is one phrase in Hebrew script, the title of the book הלכות מאכלות אסורות ('the laws of forbidden foods'), which the addressee is asked to have copied for the writer. The addressee is asked to take payment for two items from the bearer. The remnant of the address reads, "the children of the Jews (awlād al-yahūd), Fustat."

ENA 3918.10 recto




ENA 3918.10 verso

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