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Legal document ENA 3631.8


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Legal document, 12 lines, in Arabic script, dated 4th Muḥarram al-Ḥarām of an undecipherable year [8..?]. Concerning [...] b. al-Muʿallim Ṣadaqa the Samaritan Jew, a receipt of something (waṣala...), and a period of time. The occurrence of few sums of money indicates a fiscal account or commercial transaction - 'min al-fiḍḍat al-anṣāf al-judūd', which points to the Mamlūkī silver 'half' coin of al-Muʾayyad Shaykh and suggests that this letter is dated no earlier than 1415 CE, as this was the year when the ruler imposed the 'half' as the basic silver coin. Other measures mentioned are 'Khamsīn naṣṣan mā-huwa ḥāmiluhu', 'khamsat wa-thalāthīn fiḍḍa'.

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