State document: ENA 3903.4

State document ENA 3903.4


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Document tied to finances that according to FGP could be connected to state procedures. Dating: Ottoman-era. This designation seems feasible given the appearance of "diwan" on both the recto and verso (l. 3r, 11v). On the verso, the first few lines mention the act of payment and "miqdar/مقدار" or an "amount" or "quantity" (l. 3v). It may be from a literary treatise concerning financial relations with the state. It is filled with bureaucratic jargon referring to several different bureaus (e.g., Dīwān al-ʿUmūm and Dīwān ʿUmūm al-[...]," which is opposed to Nuẓẓār al-Furūʿ) and to "protecting interests" (عدم تعطيل المصلحة) and "necessary expenses" (المصاريف الضرورية). Needs further examination. MCD. ASE.

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