Legal document: ENA 3902.5

Legal document ENA 3902.5


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Deed of acknowledgment (iqrār) with many lacunae. Concerns default in debt payment; involves [...] b. Abū Ṭāʿa(?) al-Ḥāmī and Manṣūr b. Faraḥ al-Ḥāmī in Cairo. The testimony declares that the debt Manṣūr owes is proven (kitāb lahu daynan ʿalayhi ḥatman wa-ḥaqqan wājiban lāziman ḥāllan lahu ʿalayhi), and that there is no record of a bankruptcy established in his favor (wa-lā yaddaʿī lahu fi dhālika falsan walā ʿadman). Hence, the creditors are entitled to take from him what they want, when they want it, and how they want it, either at night or in the evening or in the day (yāʾkhudhuhu bihi wa-bi-mā shāʾ minhu ayyu waqtin shāʾ wa-kayf shāʾ min laylin aw nahārin masaʾin aw ṣabāḥin). The letter is signed by Sahl Ibrāhīm al-Ḥasan. Dated: Shaʿbān 459(?) AH, which would be 1066/1067 CE. Needs further examination.

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