قائمة/جدول: T-S Ar.30.165

قائمة/جدول T-S Ar.30.165



Account from a druggist for a delivery to a household. In Judaeo-Arabic. He had already been paid 1 dinar weighing 21 qirat + 2 ḥabbas worth (ṣarfuhu) 36.5 dirhams (i.e., the dinar:dirham rate of exchange was 1:40). From a previous transaction, the druggist owed the customer 50 dirhams, which means that the customer's credit was 86.5 dirhams. The cost came to 89.25 + 1.75 for transport = 91 dirhams. The balance was 4.5 dirhams, to be paid to the bearer. There are 25 items (with quantities). Much different from those in T-S Ar.30.274. (Information from Goitein's note card.) It is not entirely clear from Goitein's notes who owed what to whom, so take this description with a grain of salt.

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