رسالة: BL OR 10578C.1

رسالة BL OR 10578C.1


Letter signed by Yosef b. Avraham, Aharon b. Yo[..], [Yiẓḥa]q b. Aharon, and a fourth man. The content is not entirely clear. Mentions an Abū Saʿīd, a shaliaḥ, and uses the verb قشع for "see." Probably 14th century at the earliest. Goitein's attached notes do not correspond to this precise shelfmark but to multiple binders (labeled according to their Gaster shelfmarks) including BL OR10578A [alt: 1342], BL OR10578C [alt: 1344], BL OR10578E [alt: 1346], BL OR10578H [alt: 1349], and others. ASE.