رسالة: T-S AS 158.391 + T-S AS 158.225

رسالة T-S AS 158.391 + T-S AS 158.225

تاريخ الإدخال

في PGP منذ 2023


Fragment of a letter addressed to a community. With the introduction in Hebrew (שלומות רבות בברכות . . . סביבות לכל הקהל הקדוש השוכנים . . . ) and the body in Judaeo-Arabic. Mentions that a letter will reach them, and refers to a legal case involving a woman and her first husband, then mentions "in Acre or Tyre" (bi-ʿakkā aw ṣūr). Unclear if the larger text on verso is the continuation or not. This part is related to T-S AS 158.225, but they don't seem to join directly. The smaller text on verso is jottings of legal records, including a power of attorney (the muwakkil: Yehuda b. Menashshe. The wakīl: Bishāra b. Avraham) and another entry involving Maḥbūb b. Ḥibbān (appears also in CUL Or.1080 3.35 (PGPID 5646) and T-S 13J8.12 + T-S 8J4.7 (PGPID 2126), both from the second half of the 11th century).