قائمة/جدول: CUL Or.1080 15.59

قائمة/جدول CUL Or.1080 15.59


Bifolio. Two of the pages contain a Hebrew ṣidduq din (funeral piyyuṭ) for the death of a boy. The other two pages contain accounts in Arabic script and Greek/Coptic numerals. Mentions: al-muʿallim Qāsim; [...] and "al-sharīfa" his wife; Hārūn al-Ṣayrafī; Sulaymān al-Ṣabbāgh; Abū Naṣr; Abū Isḥāq al-Ṣabbāgh; Abū Naṣr al-Naqlī; Abū l-ʿIzz; Ibrāhīm; Hiba and his father. The reverse side contains a list of commodities with quantities, possibly a medical recipe. Dating: ca. 1150–1250, but this is a guess.