رسالة: T-S Misc.25.74

رسالة T-S Misc.25.74


Verso: Letter addressed to Mubārak. In Judaeo-Arabic. Dating: Likely Mamluk-era, based on the handwriting and the typical names. We did not expect you to fail to arrive with Rabbenu David and ʿAbd al-Ghaniyy. What is this behavior?! You know that your mother has her eye on the road... and your sisters, too." Mentions Elʿazar he-Ḥasid. Describes the difficult times: "....your hand in our hands. We hide nothing from you, my brother(?), we used to depend on him (the dead man mentioned earlier?) and he departed, only the Creator can support us in His mercy. Now, we eat what we had stored up before we die, because the city today is shut (mughlaq). One raṭl of kharjī(?) bread goes for 2 dirhams... and there is nothing cheap in the city. " Further down, mentions travel to Fustat and that (al-shaykh) al-Saniyy R. Shemuel traveled to Beirut, and from Beirut to Cyprus. Greetings to ʿOvadya, Elʿazar, Natan, and various others.