قائمة/جدول: CUL Or.1080 14.47

قائمة/جدول CUL Or.1080 14.47


تاريخ الإدخال

في PGP منذ 2020


Calendar (astronomical/agricultural) for Eygpt for four of the Coptic months (Hātūr, Kiyāk, Ṭūba, and Amshīr), also giving the names of the corresponding Gregorian months (in Arabic). At the top of the one page the year 1090, presumably Hijri, is named (1679/80 CE). (To read this as the Coptic year would yield an implausible date in the 14th century CE.) At the top of the other page, someone named Riḍwān Effendi is named. Most of the entries seem to be recurring events: "wheat is planted," "the south winds blow," "the planting of the poppy," "the beginning of the lawāqiḥ," etc., but one of them (the first entry under Ṭūba) reads, "the lifting of the plague (wabā') in Miṣr."