رسالة: JRL Series L 219

رسالة JRL Series L 219



Letter in Judaeo-Arabic from Ezra Shelomo Barūkh(?) to Mūsa Ḥanan. Dated: 5 Adar I [55]86 AM (February 1826 CE). Given how cursive this scribal hand is, this reading of the date (ש׳ [הת]קפו) is tentative and should be confirmed through future research regarding the individuals mentioned and any other available contextual clues. MCD.

JRL Series L 219 1 / 1 leaf, recto

1 / 1 leaf, recto

النصوص المفرّغة


JRL Series L 219 1 / 1 leaf, verso

1 / 1 leaf, verso
بيان أذونات الصورة
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