وثيقة رسميّة: CUL Or.1080 J7

وثيقة رسميّة CUL Or.1080 J7


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Petition to al-Mustanṣir in Arabic, preliminary draft (possibly also in the hand of Efrayim b. Shemarya), complaining about the closure of the Palestinian synagogue in Fusṭāṭ, c. 1040 CE. Mentions Natan b. Avraham, who ‘arrived from the West, claiming the position of the head of our Academy, and who has been head of this Academy for 16 years’, the amir Munjiz al-Dawla, and the ‘slave of our master, Daʾūd b. Ishaq’. The situation concerns the leadership dispute between Shelomo b. Yehuda and Natan b. Avraham over the leadership of the Palestinian Academy. The congregation of the closed Palestinian synagogue had apparently been loyal to Shelomo b. Yehuda, and Natan b. Avraham had used his contacts in the government to have the synagogue closed. (Information from CUDL) This Arabic hand definitely belongs to Efrayim b. Shemarya (Marina Rustow).

CUL Or.1080 J7 1v


النصوص المفرّغة

Geoffrey Khan, Arabic Legal and Administrative Documents in the Cambridge Genizah Collections (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1993).


  1. بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم العبيد ينهوا الى الموقف الشريف زاده الله شرف حالهم وذلك انه لما
  2. جرى على ريسهم واحبارهم منذ سنتين [[من الفا]] ما كان فيه فساد حالهم [[الى]] تصدقت الحضرة الطاهرة خلد الله ملكها
  3. بمنشور معضم [[ان يدبرروا من اذيتهم فلم يز<ا>لوا ولما كان]] قصرت به عليهم الاذية الى ان توصل رجل من
  4. الغرب يدعا بناثان بن ابرهيم ادعا موضع راس مثيبتنا الذي راس على هذه المثيبة ستة عشر سنة
  5. وقاومه ولاحباره وانكر عليه قبل هذا سبق وعرف اذاه جرى به ستة <عشر سنة> حتى خرج واحضروا ولاة البلاد وفتحوا الابواب الى ان وجا منذ شهر
  6. الى مصر وتطارح على خصم من [[اصحابنا]] القرائين وحصل له من بعثرته [[من الا]] من اقرباه واصهار له من يعينوه
  7. بدرك الدراهم لكثرة التشريف [؟] بالامير ذلك [[على]] ان الامير منجز الدولة تقدم بغلق كنيستهم العبيد اليوم شهور
  8. الذي كانوا يصلوا فيها ويقروا التوراة ويدعو لامير الـ[ـمو]منين سلام الله عليه فلما الجاوا بحالهم الى الموقف
  9. الشريف رد امرهم الى [[داو]] عبد مولانا داود بن اسحق [[ولم يفعل في ذلك شي لاجل واتفق بمرضه]]
  10. واتفق له شغل بمرضه وشفره واخاف العبيد من بعضهم [[وحال العبيد]] وقد تشتت حال العبيد
  11. وقد تعاظم والعبيد يرغبوا الى الصدقة عليهم بخروج الامر العالي الى احد عبيد 
  12. الدولة المسلمين بفتح كنيستهم واجرائهم على قانون سنن مذهبهم وكف يد من يتعزز علـ[ـيهـ]ـم 
  13. ولمولانا صلوات الله عليه عالي الراي 

Right Margin (written as an alternative to line 2)

  1. ما تاتا عليهم من غلق كنيستهم وفساد قوانين مذهبهم

Left Margin

  1. واضربوا عن الكنائس في موضع ولم يتعرض العبيد [[اليهم]] فيما فعـ[ـلوا]
  2. وبعد ذلك بعثوا على الموقف [الـ]ـشريف امير المؤمنين في كنيستهم ويمنعوهم من سنن قوانين
  3. رسومهم فليس عندههم بذلك ا[لـ]ـحقوق
  4. وامر الامير منجز الدولة


Geoffrey Khan, Arabic Legal and Administrative Documents in the Cambridge Genizah Collections (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1993).


  1. In the name of God, the merciful and compassionate. The slaves report their case to the noble presence, may God increase his nobility, as follows: When 
  2. their leader and their scholars had suffered harm for two years the pure presence, may God make his rule eternal, charitably issued
  3. a mighty decree, on account of which the harm done to them ceased, until a man
  4. called Nātān ibn Ibrāhīm arrived from the West, claiming the position of thehead of our Academy, who had been head of this Academy for sixteen years.
  5. He resisted him and his scholars and did not recognize him. He had been previously recognized and was in office for sixteen years. Then he went and the local police were fetched and they opened the doors until ...i He came a monthago
  6. to Egypt and asked for help from one of (our opponents) from among theKaraite (sect) and won over family relations of his' who could help him
  7. acquire the money to shower honours on the. ’amīr. This was because the ’amīr Munjiz al-Dawla ordered their synagogue to be closed months ago,
  8. (the place) where they used to worship, read the Torah and pray for the commander of the faithful, the peace of God be upon him. When they took theircase to the noble presence
  9. he assigned their affair to the slave of our master, Dii'iid ibn Isl;liiq,
  10. but it turned out that he was preoccupied with his illness and his travels,4 andcaused the slaves to fear one another. The situation of the slaves has become desperate
  11.  and serious. The slaves request the charity to be done to them of issuing an exalted command to one of the Muslim servants
  12. of the government to open their synagogue and permit them to pursue their livesas is their custom and to restrain the hand of those who treat them overbearingly.
  13. To our master, the blessings of God be upon him, belongs the exalted resolution.


Right Margin (written as an alternative to line 2) 

  1. The closure of their synagogue and the harmful disruption of their customs with which they have been inflicted.

Left Margin

  1. In one place they ceased (worshiping) in synagogues and the slaves did not oppose what they did.
  2. After that they sent to the noble presence, the commander of the faithful,concerning their synagogue and (the fact that) they were preventing them from following their customary
  3. ways, while having no right to do so.
  4. The ’amīr Munjiz al-Dawla commanded ...

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